About the Department

The main purpose of the “Computer Sciences” department is the training of qualified and competent professionals in the field of information systems.
The department has been operating since the opening of the university in 1996.

Study Programs:

In addition, the list of elective courses for students is quite broad, i.e. the program allows them to form their own trajectory.

The study programs are based on pratice and project work. Therefore, the department has 13 laboratories such as:
3D modeling and visual technology, Cisco Networking Academy, Machine Learning, Parallel Computing Laboratory, etc.
Starting from 2017, there are two branches that are held in offices such as Automato and GreetGo. They will teach courses UX / UI Design and Technology of Advanced Technologies.

The current approximate student body of the department is 1000. There are about 40 academic staff in the faculty, and their average age is 34 years. The head of the department is Alimanova Madina Ungarovna, PhD SDU assistant professor .